Houses and Streets

Hostel (11, Mestre Serrano Street)

Here was located the hostel and shop owned by Federico Salt Rambla in the last third of the 19th century but rented for a long time to Rosa Peña. Therefore, it was known as the Hostal de la Curra. In it, they slaughtered pigs and sold their meat, they made and sold soft drinks (years 20-30), they sold also fish and newspapers.

But we have the first documented news thanks to the sale that Vicent Albiach i Vivas made, on June 16, 1840, to the rich farmer Juan Hernández Garriga of the “casa posada”, located on Calle de la Iglesia, which confronts with the “alley that leads to the garden”. I mean, this is it.

At the same time as the hostel, in the 1930s, there was also a greengrocer’s shop, run by Antonia Folch; and during the 40s, Maria Garriga Osiàs did a hairdressing salon.

The inn was torn down in 1961-62; to make way for the clothing store, which opened in 1968.

First Òscar Compañ Salt and then Humberto Compañ Compañ will be delegates of the “Compañía Hispanoamericana de Seguros” (1959-66) and of Mapfre (1966-91) the first and of Mapfre the second, since 1991.