Cultural routes

Considering this diversity, six thematic routes are proposed. The first is about orange tree cultivation; the second is on the landscapes of the Palancia River and the irrigation system built with its waters; the third to “Fuente del Conde”, an identity landmark of Algímia’s inhabitants and its nearby landscapes; the fourth is regarding extensive livestock activities; the

fifth is related to historic communication systems (roads and railways); the sixth is a cycling itinerary that includes all the municipality’s landscapes.

Route 1

The cultivation of orange trees in Algímia d’Alfara

Route 3

“Fuente (spring) del Conde”
and its surroundings

Route 5

The imprint of
the communication routes

Route 7

The imprint of
the communication routes

Route 2

The Palancia River and its fluvial irrigation system

Route 4

Presence of extensive livestock farming in Algímia

Route 6

Cycling through
Algímia d’Alfara

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