Route 3: “Fuente (spring) del Conde” and its surroundings

1 hour


1,55 km.


93 m. unevenness


“Fuente del Conde” is a place of marked emotional significance for Algímia d’Alfara inhabitants. It ought not to be forgotten that since 1907 it has supplied the population with water. It is constantly visited by people: for its tranquillity, excellent shade and good water, which allows families and groups of friends to enjoy picnics. It is also a heritage complex in which water harvesting and use elements concentrate along the small ravine where they are located from the highest water intake gallery to the accumulation pool a few metres below.

The route takes advantage of this initial potential and stretches from the “Fuente del Conde” through its surroundings so we can see the magnificent views that dominate the municipality towards the sea, the new crops in olive groves, some of the boundary markers of the municipal boundary, the natural vegetation surrounding “Fuente del Conde” and some farmhouses in the lower part where traditional rain-fed crops still exist.

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