Route 2: The Palancia River and its fluvial irrigation system

3 hours


5,95 km.


81 m. unevenness


The Palancia River itself is a landscape-creating element that, in Algímia d’Alfara, is seen as both a natural river and a builder of a traditional irrigation structure whose waters are supplied by Acequia Mayor de Sagunto. The route highlights the importance of the Palancia River by its brief passage through Algímia, which stresses the singularities of the traditional irrigation system, as manifested in a dense network of small canals whose functionality is possible thanks to an endless number of assets (starters, showers, drains, etc.).

The cultural route on Palancia River landscapes shows this double characteristic. Its route also explores the natural landscape created by the river as it passes through the municipality of Algímia d’Alfara. It is worth mentioning its wide river bed and river terraces, where we can notice the presence of dominated riverside vegetation and water pools. The other great landscape complex built in Algímia, thanks to Palancia River waters, is the traditional irrigation systems that occupy

between the town and the river bank on the right. Vegetables were formerly cultivated in its fields, which were replaced with time with orange trees, which is the dominant crop today.

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